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The Pine Haven Saga Continues

Civil war comes to Florida in Intrigue at Pine Haven. Sue Ellen celebrates her sixteenth and seventeenth birthdays at the family country estate, Pine Haven, while Jacksonville, Florida was under Yankee rule. She is nearly abducted by marauders, someone wants to kill her and a Yankee soldier becomes smitten with her. The War Between The States has affected them all, especially Cousin Eugene and Sue Ella’s friend, William. Effie and Jasper, loyal servants play a large role in Sue Ella’s life, and the deaths of two family members leave her emotionally drained.

The carpetbaggers descend on Jacksonville, and the taxes on Pine Haven are outlandish. The Battle of Olustee and the Battle of Natural Bridge in Florida are Confederate victories. Sue Ella’s spunk and indomitable spirit prevail during the horrible days of war and its destructive aftermath when the Confederate government collapses.

Is Pine Haven saved? What happens to the sawmill? Does the dream of opening a school for the slaves’ children come true? What happens to Cousin Lettie and Lucy? Does Sue Ella accept a marriage proposal?

In this last book of the Pine Haven Trilogy, Sue Ella finds love but not where it was most expected. Does she find it in war-torn South or does she have to travel North to find her soul mate? In Beyond Pine Haven, After the Civil War, Sue Ella grows up and experiences pains that teenagers everywhere face. Except she has had more than her share of heartache. She has lived through a devastating war when her friends were imprisoned and beloved family members were lost.

Sue Ella experiences many adjustments after the War Between the States. She becomes a typical teenager of the times who gets to enjoy new fashions and sights and sounds of a big city in Yankee land, only to come home to Pine Haven to find things in disarray.

On the way, she faces inclement weather on the high seas with the mighty ship pitching and tossing. Then comes the threat of pirates who routinely raided ships along the Eastern seaboard after the war. Will Sue Ella hold on long enough to find her true destiny with the man she learns to love?

Series continued

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