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Secrets at Pine Haven is a wonderful, fast paced book about young love and wild adventure during the turbulent times leading up to and during the War Between the States. Southern traditions, Southern sayings, and unforgettable characters set in tropical Florida, with its mosquitoes, alligators, raccoons, snakes, wild turkeys and a DRAGON, make it an interesting and exciting book.

This book shows the paradox of Southern living during the 1860’s. It was against the law to teach slaves to read and write, while the poor white children were not allowed to attend public schools. Many Southerners were sympathetic to the plight of the slaves and  helped them reach the north through the underground, which was dangerous not only to the slaves, but to those aiding their escapes.

The main character Sue Ella spends the first part of the book trying to get her Cousin Eugene to kiss her. During the second part, she “comes of age” and as a fourteen-year-old, unwittingly becomes a Confederate spy.  It was hard                      for a young girl to understand the political climate, and Sue Ella had  several secrets she would have                            preferred to keep to herself.

Secrets at Pine Haven

Civil War Comes to Florida

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Historical Fiction for Young Adults

This five-book series for young adults is set during the Civil War, or the War Between the States, as true Southerners call it. Meet heroine Sue Ella who has a carefree life in northern Florida until war breaks out. Anne Bonner skillfully teaches young readers about a critical period in American history through the eyes of a southern school girl who has to grow up far too fast.

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