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by Mia Crews

Aka Grammy to Nicholas, Olivia, Miranda and Chloe

You can’t beat the old standard of Bacon and Eggs in the morning!

2    strips gluten free bacon

2    eggs

2    red potatoes

¼   cup chopped onions

¼   cup chopped green peppers

1    slice GF bread

Mix together tuna, chopped eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, onions and celery. Add salt and pepper to taste. Blend well.

Arrange greens, carrots and avocado on a plate, then place tuna mixture in center.

Serve with pickles or olives on the side along with gluten free chips.

Keep it simple! Start your gluten-free journey with simple meals using familiar ingredients. This  will put you on the right path from the beginning. Cooking complex dishes with new or unfamiliar ingredients will complicate your efforts to go gluten free.  


I got tired of trying to scrub all the gooey gluten out of my pots from “real” pasta, so I set aside several pots and a frying pan, some utensils (especially wooden spoons) plus my toaster, just for my gluten free cooking. I feel so much better now that I do not have to worry about cross-contamination in my kitchen.


´s Recipes

Microwave potatoes until almost done. Remove from oven and set aside for a few minutes to cool.

Fry bacon in skillet, remove and drain, reserving grease for potatoes if desired.

Saute onions in grease. Slice potatoes, leaving skin on. Add to onions and cook until brown.


Ingredients                  Serves 1

In a separate pan or griddle, fry eggs to desired doneness in a bit of olive oil.

Meanwhile, toast your bread in a dedicated GF toaster (do NOT eat toast browned in a toaster that has been previously used for wheat bread), slather with organic butter and jelly of your choice.  Serve with coffee and orange juice.

Ingredients                   Serves 2

1    small can tuna packed in water or oil,


2    eggs, boiled, cooled, peeled and


¼   cup mayonnaise

1    Tablespoon prepared mustard

¼   cup chopped onions

¼   cup chopped celery

1    cup chopped lettuce, greens, grated

     carrots and slices of fresh avocado

A Word About

Meal Planning

As you decide what to cook,

stick with simple ingredients, keeping as close to what you are used to eating as you can.  List your favorite foods, then check to see if they are gluten free. If they are not, find substitutes that are.

Fresh food is always the best, and most fresh foods are gluten free. Meat, vegetables, rice or potatoes are a safe and tasty choice. Stay away from prepared foods and seasonings until you become familiar with brands that are gluten free.

My Gluten Free Cookware

The Skinny About Toast

Even a few crumbs of wheat toast can bother a person with Celiac disease. Buy an inexpensive toaster and use it exclusively for GF bread, and make sure everyone else in your house knows to use the “other” toaster!

The same goes for butter tubs and jelly jars. I have my own stash, and no one but me is allowed to dip into it!

Choose a few pots, pans and utensils for exclusive Gluten Free use, storing them away from people in your house who want to cook food containing wheat.

Set up a gluten free kitchen


Ingredients                     Serves 4

1    whole chicken

4    sweet potatoes

1    can cranberry sauce

2   cups broccoli florets

¼   cup sliced carrots

Tuna Salad.

Roast Chicken

Preheat oven to 350 º F. Wash chicken and pat dry. Apply salt and pepper liberally over skin, or season with your favorite Gluten Free seasoned salt. Bake for 2 hours or until done.

Meanwhile, wash sweet potatoes and wrap individually in aluminum foil. Put in oven with chicken after it has baked for ¾ hour.

In steamer, cook broccoli and carrots to desired crispness, making sure not to overcook. Flavor with butter if desired.


Gluten Free Ice cream topped with fresh fruit such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries or sliced peaches.

I use Bryers plain vanilla or Publix’s Greenwise Organic ice cream. Check the ingredient list of your favorite brand to see if it is gluten free. Ice creams with cookies, dough or other fillings probably contain gluten.




When chicken is done, allow to rest for 15 minutes. Carve into your favorite pieces and serve with sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and vegetables.