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“… a bittersweet journey depicted so vividly that readers see the fog on the mountains . . .  a work to savor.”  


author of The Season of Risks, Blue Money

(Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize) and

Walking on Ice (AWP Short Fiction Prize)

“… material of the first order...exhilarating and profoundly disturbing.  It will leave you breathless.”


author of Louisiana Power and Light

and Love Warps the Mind a Little

About Dr. Lavelle’s novel OREADS (ôrˈē-ăds)

(in Greek mythology, any of a group of mountain nymphs)

Setting: Appalachia, 1960s

Publisher: Roundfire Books


At age fourteen, Cassie Wolphe decides she will marry the boy she loves and construct her life around that central act, but Jake has other ideas. Yes, he loves Cassie, and after high school, he asks her to leave life in the mountains, a life that he believes offers nothing but hard work and poverty.

Cassie’s decision takes her down an emotionally charged road that ultimately leads to unspeakable heartbreak.

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