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The following week we traded the 20-footer for an Orion Traveler model T24RB with a queen size bed that drops out of the ceiling–which features ducted AC.

I tried to recall why we hadn’t purchased this RV in the first place. Then I remembered that Phil had been impressed with the fantastic storage space beneath the T20CB where we stored all kinds of things—things we thought we needed but never used on the three week trip.

We’ve had the T24RB Orion for almost a year, during which time we have taken short runs to various Florida state parks, a longer trip to DC and a weekend jaunt across the state to McDill AFB where we stayed at the FamCamp with our 15-year-old grandson–we loved the beach!

Yes, the outside storage space is limited to three fairly small hatches with a total of 24-square feet of storage. Seems small, but it is just enough to bring along the following items:


The long kitchen counter with full-size double sink beneath an expansive window stretching to the stove creates a pleasurable work space for meal preparations.

Between two captains chairs is a table just large enough to handle a meal for two. We have a small folding table for guests which we store beneath the coach.

 Opposite the “dinette” is a 7-foot couch that opens into a bed roomy enough for two guests.

 Over the kitchen counter and around the refrigerator are cabinets that hold far more than we expected, so interior storage space is quite adequate.

Inside the bathroom is a shower much larger than the first Orion. Opposite is a set of drawers and above is a roomy wardrobe with enough hanging space for all our shirts and outerwear. Between the two is a sink with storage beneath. A window between the toilet and shower provides ample light as does the skylight above the shower. A fan in the ceiling provides good ventilation.

As for the cab, it is identical to the first Orion’s, same console and same seats, very comfortable for driving all day.

Above the cab is storage space with cubbies surrounding a television and stereo system.

Phil has already swapped the 12-volt coach battery for two 6-volt deep-cycle (in series) batteries. We are ready to roll.

This retired Air Force couple couldn’t be happier, but please check back in a few weeks for stories of our trip to America’s wild west!

Meanwhile, happy trails!  


Our Second Orion

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